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Learn how our soft washing process safely removes dirt, bacteria, and mildew without damage — leaving you with a beautiful home! 

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The only professional softwash roof cleaning company in Indiana County!

PAsoftwash is one of only a handful of professional roof cleaners in Pennsylvania. Our safe, non-pressure roof cleaning system delivers immediate, visible results that last for years.

Our non-pressure softwash cleaning system works equally well on vinyl siding, stucco, dryvit, brick, cedar wood siding, gutters, decks, and other delicate exterior surfaces.

We are a locally owned & operated business, fully trained and insured to perform all types of softwashing and power washing services. Our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance to protect homeowners from devastating lawsuits.

We recognize that your home is your sanctuary. It is an extension of your family. We treat your home like a member of our own family, treating it with the same care and respect we give our home. At PAsoftwash, we will treat your home like a baby.

But don’t take our word... read what your neighbors are saying about our services!

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What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"PA Softwash provided a detailed estimate after "normal" working hours for us which helped tremendously. The work was done on time and very efficiently. I was surprised with the results and extremely pleased. I would highly recommend this company."
-Jack & Lisa W.
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Roof Cleaning

Ugly shingles are doing more than making your home the neighborhood eyesore. The black streaks that you see on your roof are caused by a cyanobacterial growth called Gloeocapsa Magma. This ugly growth will decompose your home’s roof, making it necessary to replace your roof prematurely.  

This is not a matter of “ugly is only skin deep!” We are on rooftops all over our area every day and the damage we see is unreal. We call it “roof acne.” The parasites decompose and eat the granules — leaving behind ugly bald spots. 

Our Softwashing Process

The process we use to safely clean asphalt shingles, slate, cedar, rubber membrane, metal and tile roofs, is called softwashing. 

Our softwash process uses a low-pressure pump to deliver the proper solution to the rooftop. The process uses no more pressure than the end of your garden hose.

We built a system to chemically treat and kill the underlying organic infestations. We don't just blast away at the roof shingles and delicate exterior finishes to erode them with a pressure washer. Instead, we treat the process much like you would if your precious plants were infected with parasites. You would not take a pressure washer and try to blast them off.

By eradicating the source of the infection, you get longer-lasting results. 

The softwash cleaning process is the manufacturer-recommended cleaning technique for asphalt shingle roofs and other delicate exterior surfaces.

A roof replacement costs tens of thousands of dollars. A safe, non-pressure roof cleaning by PAsoftwash is a fraction of the cost and extends the life of your roof. That means money in your pocket to do a lot more fun things with your family!

PAsoftwash is fully insured to perform all types of softwashing and power washing services. Our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance to protect homeowners from devastating lawsuits.

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roof softwash cleaning

What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"My roof was filthy. I burned coal for 15 years and there was rust marks and it looked bad for only an 18 year old home. PAsoftwash came in and rectified the problem in 1 day. They were efficient, courteous, and professional. But, most impressive - the roof looked brand new! I had a great experience. I would recommend this service 100%."

House Washing

Most homeowners mistakenly think the reason they call us is their home has dirt on it. Your home is not just dirty. You would not need us if it just washed off with a garden hose.

We are your best choice because we understand the problem and treat the ugly mess as an infestation of algae, bacteria, mildew and moss. That’s in addition to typical dirt and pollution that cannot be blasted off. Organic pests use the soiling and other contamination as food — which causes this mess in the first place.

Do a little experiment — wipe your finger across the “dirty surface” and look at the stain on your hand. It will be black and sticky because it is not just soil. It's a living, ugly eco-system that is decomposing your home surfaces.

Traditional pressure washing blasts away the top layer of this infestation. It does not kill the algae and other organic pests that cause the stains.

PAsoftwash will apply the right chemicals with a low-pressure pump, which will not drive excess water under the siding or under the window and door seals. After the proper dwell time to kill the ugly pests, we will rinse from top to bottom. This leaves you with a clean, sanitized surface that will remain clean for several years.

When it’s needed, we’ll perform a light remedial cleaning. This keeps your home looking like a brand-new copper penny!

No more annual bucket and brush scrubbing, only to have the ugly mess come back with a vengeance in a short period of time!

house washing before
house washing after

What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the results of my home cleaned by PAsoftwash. My soffit, facia, gutters and downspouts are white again. I was amazed that all that gunk could be removed. They also removed all the mildew from my concrete sidewalk. It looks like new. The men working were very nice, polite, efficient and answered all my questions. I am so happy with the results that I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants there house cleaned and looking like new in one day. Thank you PAsoftwash."

Concrete and Hardscape Cleaning

Ever notice how black and ugly concrete is nowadays? It seems like in a short period of time, new concrete sidewalks, steps and driveways are downright ugly! 

Traditionally, a powerful pressure washer was used to blast away the dirt. In simple terms, the tougher the dirt and stains, the more pressure was applied to blow off the ugly stuff. Erosion cleaning to remove a living decomposer is not the best approach if your goal is to maximize the beauty and longevity of your expensive hardscape.

Most big box pressure washers boast high pressure with little water volume. This makes for serious damage to hardscape if not carefully used. Improper use of high-pressure washers also has the potential for serious bodily injury. They are not toys.

We often see the “sins” of homeowners or uneducated power washers who use excessive pressure to clean concrete and hardscape. Permanent damage from too much pressure will permanently mar the beauty of the surfaces.

The real frustrating part of this is that the reason pressure washing was done was to remove the ugly stains, and yet they come back very quickly because the underlying organic growth causing the stains has not been eradicated.

PAsoftwash understands why — and can stop this destructive cycle.

We use a combination of proper chemicals and professional equipment to eradicate the ugly infestation. Most importantly, our process doesn’t cause erosion damage caused by excessive pressure. 

The other services we offer are professional preparation and application of the best surface sealers. These sealers protect and preserve beautiful concrete and hardscape systems. We restore existing hardscape systems so they will look like new — and stay looking their very best.

Ask us about our creative solutions to repair, topcoat, color enhance and seal older less than stellar concrete surfaces. Many concrete areas are structurally sound. However, their appearance looks beat-up. This is due to years of weather, de-icing products, and of course, the ugly stains caused by organic pests. We can fix that problem... and it does not require a backhoe and jackhammer!

hardscape cleaning before
hardscape cleaning after

What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"PAsoftwash was friendly and timely throughout the experience. They adapted the project to our needs and significantly improved the exterior of our rental property. We are highly satisfied with the full experience and final results."

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

We clean and maintain:

  • Shopping Centers & Strip Malls
  • Schools
  • Restaurants, Banks, Retail Stores & Storefronts
  • Office Buildings, Professional Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes & Condos

Our services include:

  • Building Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Concrete Coloring & Sealing
  • Concrete Spalling Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning & More!

We’ll design a program that will fit your budget. Our process takes the hassle out of attempting to have your untrained employees do the job. Your staff may not have expertise in safely handling required chemicals — or the unseen dangers of traffic and pedestrian control. Your insurance probably does not cover the hazards and employee issues that may arise if something goes wrong.

We want your building to smile at your customers. When we’re done, your entrance will attract them inside. A clean entrance will help your customers enjoy a first-rate experience — with a company proud of their presence in the community.

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What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"PA Soft Wash was easy to work with. They came promptly and provided a quote and once we agreed on a price them came almost the next day to complete the cleaning process. The work was done carefully and well."

Concrete & Paver Sealing

We’ve had the privilege of restoring some of the nicest hardscapes in our area. The problem we see is that many of the installations are sealed with the wrong high-build, high-gloss acrylic coatings. The continuous application of acrylic coatings often results in a coating failure. It’s extremely expensive to remove —  and leaves the pavers very unsightly.

We have found a better solution. First, we perform a safe chemical cleaning and thorough rinsing to prepare the surfaces for sealing. Then we apply a low build, high performance and natural- looking sealer. This sealer penetrates the stone or pavers, enhancing the color. The sealers last 3-5 years depending on traffic patterns and weather conditions before reapplication is needed.

When it’s necessary to reapply the protective sealer, we’ll clean the pavers and prepare them to receive the next coating application. We prepare and apply our coating to new installations also.

Tap on one of the buttons below for an evaluation of your hardscape. We love to help our neighbors prolong, protect and preserve their gorgeous outdoor living spaces!

house washing before
house washing after

What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"I was very pleased with the great job that PAsoftwash did on our home. Steve and Anthony were very professional and personable. Cleaned our roof, siding, porch, concrete and other things that were not part of our estimate. Would definitely recommend to all."

Rust Removal

We can safely remove ugly stains caused by rust on exterior surfaces. Many homes with white vinyl siding are marred by a dingy, inorganic orange discoloration. We’ve developed a process that eradicates this staining. Our process leaves your siding looking brand new

Some DIY solutions include harsh dangerous acids that most homeowners are not familiar with. These chemicals can result in irreversible damage. We have successfully removed rust staining on aluminum and vinyl siding, brick, stone, stucco, dryvit and most other surfaces.

We are authorized applicators of Front 9 restoration products and systems. We can remove rust stains caused by fertilizer rust stains, battery acid rust stains, irrigation sprinkler rust stains, and even automobile radiator rust stains. We are also able to remove the blight of graffiti on many surfaces — without damaging the underlying surfaces.

home rust removal

What your neighbors in & around Indiana County are saying: 


"We get very little sunlight which results in lots of mildew on our home and porch. I was so impressed with the results and professionalism of this company. Now my porch and railings are ready to paint! They even removed a rust stain from an air conditioner in the window. My gutters look brand new!"
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Why Indiana County Trusts PAsoftwash — Our Story

Hello! My name is Steve Salley. My wife Debbie and I founded a flooring and construction company in 1979. We have been active in the construction industry for more than 40 years. We have enjoyed success by always looking for innovative ways to solve our customers’ challenges.

Our business model has always been to provide “hands-on” service to our customers at a fair price — and to exceed expectations.

Our roof and exterior cleaning division, PAsoftwash, came about due to my personal frustration in searching for top quality roof cleaning products for my own home. I spent several hundred dollars and much wasted time trying to clean my roof with the only products I could find. I decided there must be a better way!

I discovered that several roof cleaning companies in the Southern United States have perfected a system. Their softwash non-pressure roof cleaning works miracles on dirty roofs.

Following the example of my neighbors to the south, I devised my own roof cleaning system. Our system allows us to clean residential and commercial roofs in Pennsylvania with a gentle — but extremely effective — proprietary solution. Our process is approved by shingle manufacturers for removing Gloeocapsa Magma, algae, moss, lichen and fungi that causes those unsightly black stains on your roof.

If you’re ready to have the area's oldest, most trusted experts clean your roof or home exterior, tap on one of the buttons below to speak with our team

satisfaction guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our professional softwash system that we guarantee results — or your service is free! We also guarantee same-day results. Our safe and effective roof cleaning will make your existing roof look like new again. We completely eradicate the Gloeocapsa Magma that feeds on your shingles and causes the UGLY black streaks — plus the lichen, moss, general dirt, grime, grease and pollution that accumulates on the surface of your building’s roof.

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